History of HCS 希望中文学校简史

Originally founded in the summer of 1993 by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of University of Maryland at College Park as a Chinese language school to serve the university community, the school was registered independently with the University and later with the states of Maryland and Virginia under the current name--Hope Chinese School. It was incorporated into a nonprofit organization under a Board of Directors. With a reputation of outstanding faculty and demanding programs, HCS has attracted students far and wide, and grown and expanded quickly. HCS opened Rockville campus (Maryland) in June 1995, Fairfax campus (Virginia) in June 1996, Gaithersburg campus (Maryland) in January 1998, Herndon campus (Virginia) in January 2001, and Chantilly campus (Virginia) in September 2006. In addition, HCS Performing Arts School was formed in 1996 offering classes in dancing, chorus, and orchestra, and giving performances on various festivals to promote Chinese culture and arts. HCS Athletics School was formed in 1998, providing training and practice programs in these sport events: basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, martial arts, and swimming. Currently Hope Chinese School has over 4000 students enrolled on all campuses. 

希望中文学校最初是由马里兰大学 COLLEGE PARK 分校的中国学生学者联谊会所创办的为校园服务的中文学校. 先在马州而后又在维州注册为由一个理事会管理的非赢利组织-HOPE CHINESE SCHOOL. 希望中文学校杰出的教师队伍和严格的教学赢得了良好的信誉, 吸引了众多的学生, 使它得到了迅速的发展. 1995年6月创立洛城校区, 1996年6月创立北维校区, 1998年1月创立盖城校区, 2001年1月创立赫城校区, 2006年9月创立西城校区. 同时还于1996年和1998年分别创立了希望儿童艺术学校(有舞蹈, 合唱, 管弦乐等, 参与各类社区文艺表演, 弘扬中华文化)和希望体校(提供球类, 武术, 游泳等项目的训练). 目前希望中文学校的在校学生已超过4000人.

Mission of HCS 办校宗旨

Hope Chinese School is a nondenominational, independent school. It provides an educational setting for the people of the Washington metropolitan area to learn the modern Chinese language using Pin-Yin (phonetic writing system) and simplified characters. Hope Chinese School strives to encourage students to cherish Chinese culture and heritage, foster and enhance friendship among Chinese-American communities, and contribute to the mutual understanding and appreciation of Chinese and other cultures.

希望中文学校是一所不隶属于任何机构和组织的独立学校. 它为大华府地区提供使用普通话简体字和拼音的现代汉语教学服务. 希望中文学校提倡对学生的鼓励和对中华文化传统的爱护, 增进华人各社区之间的团结和友谊, 努力为各种不同文化的互相理解和珍惜作贡献.

理事会理事及工作人员 Board Members and Staff

姓名 Name 职务 Title 校区 Campus 照片 Photo
胡国荣 Hu, Guorong 理事长 Chairman 总理事会 Staff (view photo)
梁康之 Liang, Kangzhi 名誉理事长 Honorary Chairman 总理事会 Staff (view photo)
陈志华 Chen, Zhihua 财务顾问 Financial Advisor 总理事会 Staff
季岗 Ji, Gang 财务长 总理事会 Staff (view photo)
王中春 Wang, Zhongchun 财务 Cashier 总理事会 Staff
高群 Gao, Perry 校长 Principal 马大校区 College Park (view photo)
杨威 Yang, Wei 副理事长 Vice Chairman 秘书长 Secretary 马大校区 College Park
成瑶 Cheng, Yao 理事 Board Member 马大校区 College Park
万洪全 Wan, Hongquan 理事 Board Member 马大校区 College Park
吴兴仁 Wu, Xingren 理事 Board Member 马大校区 College Park
林征宇 Lin, Zhengyu 校长 Principal 教务长 Dean 盖城校区 Gaithersburg (view photo)
张瀚 Lee, Christina 副理事长 Vice Chairman 盖城校区 Gaithersburg
何洁 He, Jenny 理事 Board Member 盖城校区 Gaithersburg
黄翔 Huang, Cynthia 理事 Board Member 盖城校区 Gaithersburg
柏羽 Bai, Yu 校长 Principal 洛城校区 Rockville
强力 Chiang, Lee 副理事长 Vice Chairman 洛城校区 Rockville
单宁 Shan, Ning 理事 Board Member 洛城校区 Rockville
孙旸 Sun, Yang 理事 Board Member 洛城校区 Rockville
赵永革 Zhao, Yongge 理事 Board Member 洛城校区 Rockville
陈卫平 Chen, Weiping 校长 Principal 波城校区 Potomac
成军军 Cheng, Junjun 副理事长 Vice Chairman 波城校区 Potomac
金家华 Jin, Albert 理事 Board Member 波城校区 Potomac
李腾 Li, Teng 理事 Board Member 波城校区 Potomac
徐砺新 Xu, Lixin 理事 Board Member 波城校区 Potomac
李卉 Li, Dinny 校长 Principal 北维校区 Fairfax (view photo)
陈学勤 Chen, Xueqin 副理事长 Vice Chairman 北维校区 Fairfax
顾东民 Gu, Dongmin 理事 Board Member 北维校区 Fairfax
于鼎新 Yu, Dingshin 理事 Board Member 北维校区 Fairfax
周怡 Zhou, Yi 理事 Board Member 北维校区 Fairfax
庄隄 Zhuang, Ti 校长 Principal 赫城校区 Herndon
钮水林 Niu, Shuilin 副理事长 Vice Chairman 赫城校区 Herndon (view photo)
黄元林 Huang, Michael 理事 Board Member 赫城校区 Herndon
薛业涛 Xue, Yetao 理事 Board Member 赫城校区 Herndon
刘胜 Liu, Sheng 校长 Principal 西城校区 Chantilly (view photo)
吕章 Lu, Zhang 副理事长 Vice Chairman 首席資訊長 CIO 西城校区 Chantilly (view photo)
黄峰 Huang, Feng 理事 Board Member 西城校区 Chantilly
李辉 Li, Hui 理事 Board Member 西城校区 Chantilly
吴磊 Wu, Lei 理事 Board Member 西城校区 Chantilly


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