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HCS-FX follows FCPS schedule for weather related closing or delay. In case of bad weather, please visit the FCPS website, Channel 21, local TV and Radio stations for information.

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Annandale High School
4700 Medford Drive, Annandale, VA 22003-5443 

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Sunday 1:30pm - 5:30pm  

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New Family/Student Registration
If you are new to our school, you need to create your account, enter you family profile and student information, and wait for approval before you can register classes online. New accounts are usually approved in 1-2 days. Please click the “New User?” link on the side panel to create your account. Once your account is set up, you can view the classes the school offers and register classes.

New fammilies also are welcome to visit the school on Sunday afternoon.

Joining the Parent Email List/Changing Email Address
The parent e-mail list ( is used by the school to send important notices. For new comers, after your accounts are created and approved by the school, the HCS-FX registration team will add you to the email lis or invite you to join the list, in which case, please accept that invitation.

If you haven’t received any email from the school, please do the following to add yourself to this email list.
  1. Login to the online registration system and update your email address. This ensures that your data is valid and you will not be dropped from the list during a future update.

  2. Send a blank email to from your email account and reply to the confirmation email received from the list to activate your subscription.
Note that you must send a request to change the email address in the parent email list. Changing it in your profile does not automatically change it in the email list.

Changing Login ID or Password for your Online Registration Account
To change your login ID or password, click the My Profile tab after you log in, then click the “Update Login or Password” link at the top right corner of the page.

For answers to other Frequently Asked Questions, please click “Help” at the top right corner of the page.  

This Week at HCS-FX

Message from Principal Baoxian Zhao

Dear HCS-FX Community;

Welcome to the Hope Chinese School Online Registration System for Fairfax Campus (HCS-FX), the Internet Home for HCS-FX students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff.

You need to create a login ID and password, as well as a family and student profile if you want to register the classes at our school.

After your create a profile, a staff member will review and approve your profile if there is no problem with it. Please note that you will not be able to register any class before your profile is approved. HCS-FX school administrators will review new profiles received regularly, and you will be notified automatically via email once it is approved. Once you have received the approval, please log into the registration system to see the list of classes and register for the appropriate classes you or your kids are intereseted

Before you start, please take time to review our school rules and email rules carefully. These are the rules that govern the propriate use of our services and the online system, and we assume that you agree with the rules when you login and register the classes at our school.

Again, welcome to join our school and thank you for using the online system