Hope Chinese School at Fairfax: School Rules

HCS-FX, Board of Directors (updated 9/28/2008)


In order to safeguard the education of all HCS students and the orderly operations of the school, and insure our long-term use of host school facilities at Fairfax, the following rules and regulations are formulated and will be enforced in addition to the Bylaws of HCS, and Fairfax County Public School Student Responsibilities and Rights. Parents should go through the Rules with your children. Parents should keep in mind to be a role model to the children in observing the school rules. Violations of major school rules may result in suspension, or dismissal from school. Other behavior, not specifically mentioned below, which is clearly contrary to the school's values, may be considered cause for disciplinary action.


1. Wait outside the classroom until the teacherís arrival.


2. Help teachers and other students to keep the classroom and school premise neat and clean.  Do not move desks, chairs, and other furniture in the classroom without the teacher's instruction. Don't touch any equipment, books or other school material in the classroom.


3. Do not scribble on any school properties such as desks, blackboards, and walls.


4. Do not erase work from the board. Host school Teachers will leave a space in the middle of the board.


5. Do not play on the computers and other equipment on any school properties.

6. Be quite in the classroom and school hallways.  Do not run, chase, and yell in classrooms or school hallways.

7. Treat all school properties as if they were yours.  Do not vandalize any school properties.

8. Stay within the school premise during school time as well as recesses.  Do not leave school or play out of school area during school time that includes recesses.

9.  Keep the school restroom clean.  Do not play with toilet paper, soap and water in restrooms.


10. Be polite to teachers, parents, and fellow students.


11. Report any violation of the student rules to the teachers or the Dean of Studies or Principal.


12. No parents or students shall go pass the assigned classroom and wondering around in other areas of the school facility. 


13.No wheelie shoes are allowed anywhere at school.

1. Don't use host school properties such as computers, projectors, TVs, VCRs, etc. Don't move desks, chairs, and other furniture in the classroom without the teacher's instruction. Keep the parent's activity room clean and in order. Keep voice down when in the school premise, especially when the class is in session.  Do not disturb or interrupt classes.

2. Class assignment of students cannot be changed without the approval of the Dean of Studies or Principal.


3. Parents must supervise students of 7 years and younger when switching classrooms for Chinese classes or elective classes.


4. Parents of grade one and up should obtain the approval of the Dean of Studies if they want to sit in the classroom. Parents of preschool classes are encouraged to stay out of class so their children can learn independently.Exceptions are made for classroom parents agreed upon with the teacher to sit in class to assist maintain classroom order.


5. HCS_FX has two sessions of Chinese Classes. One session runs from 1:00pm to 2:50pm. Another is from 3:00pm to 4:50pm. Elective classes will be 50 minutes per class during 1:00pm to 4:50pm. Please pick up your children on time. There is no after-school-care service. School will charge childcare fee for later pickup after 5PM. The fee will be $5 for every 10 minutes.


6. Refund of tuition: 100% refund before the end of 2nd week; 50% before the end of the 4th week; 0% afterwards.


7. Parents are required to keep your family information updated online, which include your current address, phone number, and email address. You should also put your Chinese names online. If you need help, please check with our registration team.


8. School uses its email list HCS-FX as primary channel to disseminate school and community related information. Please pay special attention to the messages posted on the list. Parents will be responsible for the contents posted by his/her own emails. Also, the emails are for HCS-FX internal use or reference only.


9. Parents should educate their children about the school rules. Parents will be responsible for any cost to repair or replace any school or personal properties, caused by their childrenís misbehavior. Parents will be responsible for all cost of medical treatment, when itís needed, of the victims caused by their own childrenís misbehavior.


10. Follow FHS and County parking rules. Do not park on the fire lane and restricted areas. Violation may result in law enforcement punishment by Police and HCS-FX Officials.


11. No parents or students shall go pass the assigned classroom and wondering around in other areas of the school facility. 


12. When Fairfax County Public Schools close its facilities due to inclement weather, HCS-FX will close without separate announcement. Please call FCPS snow line (703)246-2500 for updated information or at http://www.fcps.k12.va.us/news/emerg.htm.