The project of building an online system,, for Hope Chinese School was launched in October 2002. The goal of the system is to facilitate and improve the registraiton process, which has been a labor intensive manual process, and make the administrative process easier for many parents who are commited to encouraging their children to learn Chinese along with other subjects. After many hours of work, the first phase of the project was completed and launched in May 2003.

Thanks to the following dedicated volunteers who participated in the project from the beginning to the end. Also, thanks to several parents who helped during the pilot test phase.

Shawn Wang, Yang Wang, Ping Liu
System Architect and Developer
Zhiming Xue
QA and Testing
Yifang Shan, Yang Wang
User and System Training
Yang Wang
System Technical Support

Zhiming Xue

Database Administrator
Wenke Wei
Registration Team (Fall 2003) Yan Cheng, Fang Yuan, Pingfan Li, Zhang Lu
Shawn Wang, Ping Liu

Please feel free to direct your comments, questions and concerns to Or, you can submit them via the Comments link available from the online system. We will continue to improve the system based on your input. Thank you.

About The Application

We currently have over 500 active family-based users. The online system is b uilt with Microsoft .NET framework, VB.NET and SQL Server 2000, and IIS web server running on Windows 2000 Server. It is currently hosted and supported by a global hosting service provider, Some of the statistics of the application is as follows.

Applicatin Total Lines


Application Total Code Lines


Database Tables


Database Scripts


Database Script Lines


Database Data Size

6.9 MB

Database Log Size

2.5 MB

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