HCSGB Frequently Asked Questions




1. My kid is 3-year-old; can I register classes for him/her?

There are minimum age requirements at HCS. Many classes have a minimum age requirements of 5-year-old except Pre-Kindergarten Chinese classes, which require minimum age of 4-year-old. If you talk to the registration staff, sometimes they can make an exception and register your child.


2. My daughter is 5-year-old and she never learned Chinese before, what classes do you recommend for my daughter?

You may want to start with kindergarten Chinese class.


3. We do not speak Chinese in our family. What classes do you recommend for my children?

You may want to start with bilingual I class if your children meet the minimum age requirements of 5-year-old. For older children, there are higher levels of bilingual Chinese Classes to choose. Our expectation is that a student in bilingual Chinese class will eventually transfer to the standard Chinese class when the student masters the basic Chinese language skills.


4. Do you have Chinese classes for adults?

We do not offer any Chinese classes for adults. Some county public schools may offer Chinese classes for adults; you may want to contact them directly.


5. Is your school open Monday to Friday?

No. We are open from 1:00PM to 6:00PM every Saturday.


6. How do I receive school notices via the email list? How do I post email message to Hope Chinese School Email list? 

HCSGB website will store your e-mail address when your account is created. If you registered for one or more classes, you will receive notifications from the school or from your teachers. We want to protect our users' privacy and keep spam to a minimum. There is no e-mail list service to allow a user to send e-mails to other users.

7. How do I change my email address on school website?

You can do this yourself while logged in. (1) Go to "My Family". (2) Click "Update Profile". (3) Click "Change Login E-mail". (4) Or send an email to hcsgb@hopechineseschool.org and ask staff to do it for you.


8. How do I unsubscribe from the Hope Chinese School Email list?

You will not receive any e-mail from the school that is unrelated to normal school operations. Please report any spam or suspicious activity to school staff at hcsgb@hopechineseschool.org.


9. How do I register classes on your website? How do I contact technical support?

You must open an on-line account at https://www.hopechineseschool.org/hcsgb/. After you create a family profile on-line, you add students to your account and register classes.


10. I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please use the login website, https://www.hopechineseschool.org/hcsgb/Logon.aspx. Enter your login email, and click the Reset Password button. If your login e-mail is a valid email address, you should receive an email with instructions. Or you can send an email to the support team for further assistance.


11. I have changed my email address. Why is my login ID still the same?

Your login name was your email address when you created your profile in the registration system. Unless you changed the login ID using the "Change Login Email" function on the My Profile page, it stays the same.


12. What is the tuition refund policy?

1st and 2nd week of a semester --- 100% refund;

3rd and 4th week --- 50% refund;

After the 4th week --- no refund.

The tuition is usually refunded in the second month of the semester. When refund checks are available. Please always check with our staff as the refund policy is subject to change. It is recommended that you cancel a class as soon as you make your decision and send a refund request from your account.


13. How do I send my payment?

After you complete your registration, please print out your private registration form by using the Print Registration button on the screen (do not use the print function of your browser). You should sign the registration form, and bring the registration form and a check payable to HCS to the school registration desk when HCS is in session. During the summer or winter breaks, please send your payment to the address provided on the form.


14. How long will my registration status be in Unpaid status before my registration is cancelled?

Your registration will be in Unpaid status until you make full payment.  You are required to make payment within two weeks after you registered for a class. Otherwise your registration may be cancelled.


15. I received a cancellation notice due to late or no payment. What should I do to resume my registration?

You will have to register the class again, once it is cancelled.


16. I sent my payment a few days ago, but the website has not updated the payment status. What do I need to do to resolve the issue?

The registration support team usually updates your payment status right away. However, sometimes there is a delay in receiving your payment if you mail your payment using the post service. Occasionally, your payment may not be processed right away due to misplacement. We strongly recommend you check your payment status and notify us of any discrepancy. It is also a good practice to keep your payment checks or receipts for verification and refund.


17. Can I create multiple login names for my account?

No. You cannot create multiple logins and please do not create multiple accounts.


18. Can I pay my registration on-line?

The school has not enabled the on-line payment function yet so you cannot pay your tuition on-line. You can either pay by check/cash at school or mail the check to the address on the registration form.


19. Why is my child's registration not automatically carried over to the new semester?

If your account is not paid in full, it will not be carried over to the next semester automatically. Please pay your balance promptly to secure your seat in the class. We also do not auto-renew minor or adult classes (only Chinese classes will be auto-renewed).


20. How do I register and pay my tuition in the middle of a semester?

Follow the same registration process as outlined above.