2019 HCSGB SGA Music Talent Contest Winners

2019 盖城学生会音乐才艺比赛结果


Gaithersburg 盖城校区 June 13, 2019

Thank parents for encouraging your children to participate in the Music Talent Contest Organized by Hope Chinese School Gaithersburg Campus SGA this year. All students are so talented that it is a tough job for our judges to choose. The panel of judges include the Principle, HCSGB music teachers, staffs, board members, parents and SGA student members. Following is the list of all the winners:

Junior Group:

First Place: Paul Wang

Second Place: 1.Katherine Tang, 2.Olivia Yao

Third Place: 1.Cindy Li & Elaine zhang, 2.Brandon Tian, 3.Angela Dong, 4.Emma Chen & Audrey Liu & Mattea Zhang

Honorable Mention: 1.Sherry Wang, 2.Jocob Xiong, 3.Mei W. Lee, 4.William Chen

Senior Group:

First Placce: Vivian Xiao

Second Place: 1.Lilian Xiao, 2.Washington Guzheng Society

Third Place: 1.Sammy Ye, 2.Hannah Wang, 3.Katherine Yu & Sophia Shiu

Honorable Mention: 1.Devon Chen, 2.William Lu

The reward ceremony will be part of the HCSGB graduation ceremony held this Saturday afternoon (6/8/2019).

The winners in the HCSGB graduation ceremony.

The winners in the HCSGB graduation ceremony.