Herndon 赫城校区

Hope Chinese School(HCS) at Herndon(HN) is one of the eight campuses within the Hope Chinese School. It was established in 2001, the second HCS campus in Virginia, and the fifth HCS campus in the whole HCS system. It uses Herndon High School as the site for its operations on Saturdays during the school year. Like many other schools, HN operates as a non-profit organization with 501 (c ) (3) status. All of the school officials and staff are volunteers. Parents are actively involved in and routinely volunteer their time for various school activities. HN is a learning institution, in which students from all ethnic groups can learn Chinese language and Chinese culture. HN has a group of outstanding teachers, offering Chinese classes from K to 12th grade. In addition, the school also offers elective classes that enrich students experience in the school. HN also serves as a community, in which its members can share the common interests, culture and connections. HN offers many elective classes and activities for parents and grandparents. Many parents enjoy those parents’ classes and activities, when their children take classes.

赫城校区是希望中文学校八个校区之一。 她建立于2001年,是继北维校区之后希望在维州第二校区,继盖城校区之后希望系统第五校区。赫城校区租用赫城高中校舍,每个星期六上课。

象许多学校一样,希望中文学校是一个非盈利性组织,享受501 (c ) (3)资质。所有赫城校区的管理人员和工作人员都是志愿者。家长积极参与各项学校活动并经常性的供献他们的时间。

十三年来,从一个只有五十六名学生,四个年级规模的中文学校,逐渐发展成为如今十四个年级,近六百名学生的规模。从一个只开有中文课程的学校,发展到现在包括了各类数学提高和竞赛、写作、SAT和AP等课程,并且成为囊括琴、棋、书、画、歌、舞、体,样样俱全的一所多元化的中文学校。 赫城校区不仅服务广大华人华侨家庭的子女,而且还开有四个年级的双语班,服务许多非华裔家庭的孩子。



Address: Herndon Middle School 901 Locust St. Herndon, VA 20170

Email: hcshn@hopechineseschool.org

Phone: 7034758223

Principal: 黄元林 Huang, Michael